Trained as a stage director and actress, I also became a Feldenkrais practitioner in 2017. Through theater I have always looked above all for the link, what connects us to each other, what makes us “human” together. . This human linked to life and nature. This link that I find today with Roman's project is first of all our encounter through theater, this same aspiration to travel and nomadism, and again this unwavering link to the animal world. The animal is for me what helps us to become human ... everything that hurts it pushes us a little more towards the dark. The animal is our direct and close link with the universe, it tends us towards the life, light, beauty. The animal is deeply artistic for what it is. This is why Roman's project fascinates me. What still connects me is this strong desire to open a door, to act, to move forward towards this future that awaits us, towards these beings who are waiting for a hand, towards these lost eyes which are waiting for humans to finally become human, this is not impossible,

this results in a gesture, a look, a listening…

And already we will have taken a step….

A small step towards the light.

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