Why a photo shoot?


Every moment is unique in the life of an animal.

Because of my experience,

I sometimes regretted not to freeze this or that moment of freedom.

Immortalizing precious moments through the image is priceless.

Time often goes too fast and then finally

they leave much too early. Photography has the magic to give

life to life. My goal is to sublimate your animal, that each photo is a painting.


For who ?


For all animal lovers.

There is no age, the sessions are adapted

depending on the possibilities of each animal.


How is a session going ?


Having myself a great sensitivity for animals,

I make them feel comfortable during the session.

No stress!

That's why, I invite your pet to speak while passing

playful and stimulating games during long walks in nature.

Your pet needs to feel free to play.






I go to your home at first,

to make a first contact with your pet.

I take the time to play with him and introduce

a climate of trust between him, the camera and me.

The session is held outdoors depending on your wishes and location.

We enjoy a space of freedom and beautiful shades of light that offers

nature and that will sublimate your animal.

After the shooting, I send you a link with the total raw photos of the session.

You will be able to select the ones of your choice


Your doggie was not born as a model, there is nothing natural about posing.

The dog did not ask to be by your side, it is not a green plant,

he has emotions ... This is why I use my sauce (whatever you like) the so-called Positive method.

That is to say ? It is a method that allows the dog to do what is expected of him, especially avoiding reprimanding him.

Basically, for you, staying at the foot is good, but for him, sniffing everywhere is also good!

It has been in its genes for thousands of years. So staying at the foot to get the best shot of your best friend is a learning process and that's where I come in! From my experience in the field, I can assure you that living in harmony with your companion is a factor that really matters. I never force an animal to do this or that to satisfy my photographer's ego. I'm trying to understand it, not to treat it as a servile being who has to guess all my whims. The positive method must set clear limits. The point here is to explain them and show them to the dog differently. For example, if I don't want the dog to get on the bed, he can't guess it so I grab his attention somewhere else and ask him clearly what I want.

I give him permission to learn and obey by cooperation, by desire and motivation.

* A reward does not necessarily mean a treat. Reinforce positively the behavior of his dog,

it is also to reward him with a caress, a short session of play or a simple soothing word.

This is why I analyze and I always observe the behavior of a dog to know which reward is adapted to its character.

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